Guide on Choosing Topics for Safety Talks

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Motivation It is essential to regularly conduct safety talks in the workplace to remind employees of the importance of following the company’s rules and regulations. This will also help both the company and the employees minimize the occurrence of accidents.

Safety talks are usually done before the start of work and can last for 10-15 minutes. The main purpose is to discuss how certain tools are used in a safe and efficient manner.

However, some companies even hire safety Motivational Speakers to do this job. This is to ensure that all employees are oriented to the importance of creating and maintaining a safe workplace for everyone.

Things to Consider When Preparing for a Safety Talk


The best way to keep the employees engaged is to make the safety talk as short as possible. Focus on the topic you want to discuss for that particular session and make it informative. Drag the talk to more than 30 minutes and you may lose the interest of the employees. It is
best to cover everything in 10-15 minutes.

Safety talks conducted by a company for the entire employees which involves safety speakers may take more than 30 minutes. However, these speakers may provide a more general kind of safety talk.

Topic Relevance

There are several topics that can be discussed in safety talks. Below are some of these ideas:

  1. Tool and Equipment Safety. Through regular safety talk, you can discuss the safe use of one tool each session. Make sure though, that every tool is thoroughly explained to all employees. Although these employees have been trained to handle these pieces of equipment, it does not hurt to reiterate the importance of safety precautions.
  2.  Eye Protection. There are certain tasks that can be damaging to the eye. Sometimes, the effect may not be immediate. As time passes, serious eye complications might be developed if safety precautions and eye protection are not discussed to the workers. It is important to discuss hazards in the workplace, as well as strictly implement the use of
    goggles within the site.
  3.  Weather-Related Precaution. There are jobs that involve working in extreme weather conditions such as the cold. Instead of having workers developed injuries, it is wiser to prevent this from happening by constantly reminding them of the importance of proper clothing to prevent frostbite and muscle strain.
  4.  Computer-related injuries. One of the common injuries in the office is carpal tunnel. Having a regular recap of proper posture in front of the computer can mitigate the development of the carpal tunnel. It is also helpful to give the employees tips on using the computer mouse effectively to keep it from having a carpal tunnel.
  5. Importance of Lock-out Tag-out. Depending on the nature of the business, lock-out tag-out can be very crucial to both authorized and potentially-affected employees. Both sides should be thoroughly educated on the procedures for lock-out tag-out. All updates and
    changes must be communicated to everyone concerned.

Speaker’s Firsthand Experience

MotivationThere are two ways to do this. One is to bring someone who has been through an injury due to negligence. A lot of employees will gladly listen to a firsthand story on how accidents can be minimized if only safety precautions are followed. Not only will it be inspirational, it will also be a source of realization for employees who disregard the possibility of mishaps in the workplace.

Another way to bring firsthand experience is to invite professional speakers with expertise on first aid and workplace safety protection. It can be a learning ground for the employees to hear the basics of first aid. At the same time, professional speakers are well-experienced in putting the message out there for everyone to listen. Although it can cost alot, certain companies still prefer to have professional speakers because they impart knowledge, actual experience, give motivation, and keep the talk engaging.


Your safety talk message can be summarized through different safety slogans or quotes. Never leave the audience without imparting a certain quote they can bring and apply every day. One of these quotes is “Safety First is Safety Always.”

Before ending safety talks, make sure that the audience knows the essence of such discussions – and that is to always be safe.


Women and Their Golf Shoes

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Golf shoes are not a requirement to play golf, even in the most exclusive golf clubs. The reasoning behind this is that most dress codes only require golfers to wear appropriate golf attire, which includes collared shirts, golf pants, or golf shorts. Therefore, the use, or non-use, of golf shoes is not strictly implemented since these are not included in the dress code for golfers.

GolfHowever, most professional golfers prefer to make use of golf shoes instead of any type of footwear when playing. This is because most professional golfers prefer to have a better traction on the course, in order to maximize their swing. This is aside from the fact that they appear to be a lot more fashionable compared to other players. Amateur golfers, therefore, follow this style trend by purchasing the appropriate footwear.

Traditional Footwear

Traditionally, these shoes are black and white wingtips that are made with leather and have tassels. However, these styles are considered to be too masculine by female amateur and professional golfers. They found those shoes to be rather unfashionable.

These women golfers do not have a choice since their numbers are significantly smaller compared to those of their male counterparts.The increase in the number of women golfers have resulted in the facilitated development of multiple shoe styles and colors. Women are considered to be the most significant market for shoe manufacturers. With regards to shoes, demand numbers often reach a minimum of around 5.76 million per year.

This is because women normally match their apparel with their shoes, as they also do when playing sports other than golf. Even with the modifications in the golf shoe, the main features remain the same, which are all about comfort, function, style, water resistance, and cost friendliness.

Comfort and Performance

The performance of the golfer depends on the comfort of the shoes, which means that it must perfectly fit the foot of the individual in various environments and weather. The shoe must be completely wrapped around the foot with little or no chaffing on the pressure points or shifts. This is because amateur and professional golfers require a lot of walking, especially when playing an entire course.

An entire 18 holes in a golf course will have different slopes and traps depending on what the designer had in mind. This means that the golfer may need to purchase golf shoes that have good traction as well as grip, such as those with spikes, nubs, cleats, or traction lugs. This is because the cleats or spikes will enhance the balance and stability of the golfer’s stance when doing a swing. Most golf clubs recently discourage their members from using shoes with metal spikes since those damage the grass on the golf course.

Brands and Styles

Golf ShoesThere are various offerings on the market that cater to every woman golfer’s preference, from sandals to boots, even to the traditional shoe. But golfers have to take into consideration that most of the golf courses are regularly sprinkled with water to retain the greenness of the course. This means that golfers who prefer to have their feet remain dry while playing will have to purchase shoes that are waterproof. The additional advantage of shoes with waterproof features is that they minimize the chance of slipping or losing traction while on the golf course.


As anyone would expect, it is crucial for a pair of shoes to be reasonable priced. The reasoning behind this is that women are perceived to be more fashionable and therefore, will purchase numerous shoes in different colors and styles to match their golf attires.

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The Importance of Arts and Crafts in Everyday Life

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artsWhen we hear the word “art”, what usually comes into our minds? Probably images of a museum filled with paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art masterpieces created by geniuses and masters. What about when we come into terms with “crafts”? Well, we may depict seeing children inside a classroom surrounded by colorful construction papers, glitters, glue, yarn and scissors in their hands, ready to create projects that become their own masterpieces.

We can also picture out various novelty items offered for sale at souvenir shops like pouches, bags, rugs, shirts and ponchos created through knitting, crocheting and macramé. In short, when the topic of arts and crafts is brought up, almost anything related to artistic ventures pops out of our thought bubbles.

Yes, we are absolutely right. Arts and crafts are all outlets of the creative artistry of man. Be it in the form of appreciable arts like music, literature, sculptures and paintings, or in handmade usable items like furniture, clothing and accessories, the imagination is at play with arts. Art is beautiful, functional and a means of expression. However, we limit our views to art depicted through the aforementioned media. We are not quite aware that art exists all around us, even in the simplest things we encounter in everyday life.

The world that we live in is wonderful. Life in itself is brilliant and worthy to be celebrated at all times, and art evident in the colorful human life, even in the earliest days. While many may not be aware of its existence or even its participation in everyday life, the main fact is that arts and crafts sit silently in a corner and reveal itself slowly to its beholders. Nonetheless, art is not just for making people look and admire at certain things.

craftsArt is seen even in the simplest and most useful object we may have in tow. Art exists in artificial and natural things. We gaze around and find a lot of beauty everywhere: a picturesque view of the mountains over a blue sky backdrop, a colorful bird serenading the trees, a picture on the office desk, tattoos of varied designs on the skin of elderly tribal members, dainty pink hearts printed on a baby girl’s swaddle blanket, the solid-colored but elegantly structured coffee mug at home – the possibilities of art are endless. You can see the many forms of art practically everywhere, even in places where it most likely cannot exist.

Since art encompasses almost every aspect of our lives, it plays a huge impact on life itself. Art is quintessential and will never fade, and it’s because it is important for all of us. Just when we thought only those people gifted with lovely creative hands and minds are entitled to enjoy as well as appreciate art and crafts, well, think again.

Each one of us has a special connection to art, and without it, our life will never be complete. The everyday grind of life brings us more opportunities to experience art and be a part of it, even if we aren’t aware of its importance in everyday life.

Art stems from within

Each person is gifted with the potential to imagine, express and create art. It does not matter if he things he is not the creative type, or he is not blessed with such talent. Everyone is capable of creating and expressing themselves through art. Look at small daycare children. Give them a box of crayons and a sheet of paper and without hesitation, each one will come up with colors, patterns and pictures that they wish to portray.

Getting inside the hearts and minds of people with impaired mental abilities is also achieved simply by looking at the artworks they create. When expressing ourselves, art is the best medium to turn to, because people read between the unspoken and the known through art; hence, it becomes a form of communication when all possible means fail because it comes from the depths of our souls.

Art stimulates our mind

In creating or viewing arts and crafts, the human mind works as much as when it tackles other kinds of activities. It also improves critical thinking. How? When we decide to create something, we conceptualize what we want to achieve, then work meticulously to get the end result we have in mind. In the event that we view other people’s work, we use logic and critical thinking to interpret these artworks and decode what the creator wishes to say through the artwork, thus, it stimulates and improves cognitive function and helps the mind develop skills that will be helpful to everyday life.

Art is a form of self-awareness

It is difficult to show the world the true emotions we feel deep within. When facing such a challenge, arts and crafts can come to the rescue! It is the perfect channel to present our thoughts and emotions. By creating different forms of art, we come into terms with the actual emotions we truly feel, thus, we become more self-aware. In addition, it allows us to slow down from the fast-paced everyday grind and experience what our emotions really want to say to us.

By looking at other people’s artworks, we stir up our own emotions, broaden our understanding, and explore the world more clearly in other’s eyes and hearts as well. Art enables us to have ample space to grow and improve ourselves emotionally through increased self-awareness.

Art helps us transcend to other society’s cultures

One unique attribute of arts and crafts is that people across cultural differences can understand it. Art is a universal form of communication; hence, people from different sides of the planet can bridge the gaps of distance, language and culture and still understand each other. Through art, we see a glimpse of the culture and life of a certain society and learn more about their life and ways. Art is a powerful tool to cross international borders and discover new ways of life that are unique from our own.

Art makes life more radiant

Life in itself is wonderful, but arts and crafts makes it even more radiantly beautiful. Imagine living and working in places where there is only all functionality and no beauty. It will be boring, for sure. Throw in some art and we’ll see the place liven up! Art makes our lives more interesting and creates more worth in living it. It is great to be surrounded by different expressions of human beings, tangible through artworks and crafts, and it’s equally great to have the ability to express what is in the depths of your being. Art shines as the best medium to utilize for self-expression. In using art, we all celebrate life and make the world a beautiful and colorful place to live in.