Signs if an SEO Firm is Doing Things Right for the Business

A lot of good SEO companies are just around the corner waiting for businesses to avail their services. The question is, how would one know if they are really good in helping out businesses?

Here are some of the signs to check out:

1. They have a list of deliverables. It’s an essential way of knowing if a particular SEO firm is really doing the work for the business. Even if there is no guarantee of first page appearance in search engine results, they are still showing how the work is done. The deliverables that they are working on should include:

I. Sites that actually have follow-back links redirecting to the website of a particular business they handle

II. Audits on the website, content, homepage, and link profile of the business that includes action points.

III. New website content and changes on the existing contents

IV. Weekly and monthly reports that highlight the work they have done, including changes on website rankings

SEOGenerally, these SEO firms do a few things that can improve website rankings over time. What’s good about this is that, as long as these agencies are doing something good for the business, there’s always an improvement no matter how slow or fast it is.

2. They propose some improvement recommendations. If these SEO companies recommend certain things to do for a business, it is most likely that they want to establish a working partnership. Complying with what they want would mean seeing the ideal results happen. Here are some of the recommendations they may give:

I. Starting out on social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and etc.

II. Integrating these social media channels into the homepage

III. Launching a plan on content marketing

IV. Starting a blog

V. Adding content to the homepage of the business

VI. Adding internal links to existing website content

VII.Optimizing all website content

VIII. Adding tags to the images

IX. Modifying robots.txt to make crawling possible on all pages

X. Creation of sitemap.xml

XI. Improving the speed of the site

XII. Adding WP plugins, such as Yoast or Super Cache, to improve search engine optimization

XIII. Performing audit on link profiles

XIV. Deny spam links

If an SEO company gives any recommendation, it isn’t merely trying to earn more from the partnership. These extra services – content, audit and etc. – might be costly but they are surely helpful for any business.

There are SEO agencies that let go of clients who don’t comply with their recommendations.

3. There is an improvement in the website’s ranking. Who doesn’t want to talk about rankings? People, especially those who are engaged in businesses, love to see improvements on rankings. If an SEO firm can consistently provide better rankings, then a particular business is definitely safe all throughout the project period. Some of the signs that show legitimate rank improvements include:

I. The website’s target keywords are responsible for high rankings.

II. Website appears on the first SERP.

III. There is consistent ranking. A few notches higher or lower is just normal even for weeks. However, significant drops in rankings after a couple of days is bad.

4. Website traffic is going down but revenue is going up. There are some cases in which SEO causes a drop in website traffic. Don’t be bothered about it because it will become a concern only if the revenues are also going down. As long as there is an increase in the revenue while the website traffic is dropping, then, there’s nothing to worry about.

Remember that the goal of businesses is to garner targeted traffic and not just generate a lot of traffic. Receiving less but good website traffic always results to improved revenue.

So, what are the ways of getting good website traffic? Just aim for two things – the right audience and the right variation or combination of longtail keywords. By paying attention to these two elements, businesses should be able to increase conversions and boost revenues.

Check for these signs as you work with SEO firms, as doing so is the only way to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Search Engines Make Use of an Original SEO Post

seoWhen you do not know about something, – for example, the Prehistoric Times – you tend to be curious about it and the desire to know more about that topic bubbles up. Because of this, you ask people who are knowledgeable about the Prehistoric Times. Yes, it has been taught in school, but what if you want to have a deeper understanding of the said time in the History of the world?

searchIf asking another person does not satisfy your craving for the subject, you resort to researching about it in books. However, the most accessible researching tool is the internet. After all, it is called the information superhighway. You type the phrase “Prehistoric Times” in the search engine bar and hit the button “Search.” Viola! Loads tons and tons of information about the said topic emerges on the results page (or SERP – search engine result page).

You might begin to wonder how search engines find the information you are looking for. Well, you do not have to look further because this article will provide you the most vital information about how search engines work.

Basically, search engines do three valuable steps in order to serve you the most relevant and useful articles. These are:

1.Searching the internet.

In this step, the search engines make use of keywords embedded on the articles. This is when an original SEO post becomes important.

Searching-the-internetThe search engine looks for web pages containing the keyword/s in an original SEO post, and then presents the results to you, the researcher. The fun part about how search engines work lies on the fact that the internet has a very large network of servers from all over the world that is also called the World Wide Web. Once you have entered the keyword/s the search engines make use of software robots. These are programs specialized for the purpose of looking for information within millions of web pages. These specialized robot programs are called spiders, and the act of building a list that will be included in a SERP is called web crawling.

2. Building an index of web pages

linkThis is where the cataloguing of pages comes in. For a faster result, the search engine makes an index of what web pages contain materials that relate to a keyword. Therefore, it is a system of filtering useful and relevant contents from unrelated ones.

The search engine, in its attempt to build an index that puts out the most important pages under a certain topic, ranks the web pages according two significant components. One is the information that the article contains, and the other is the quality of the content. Many search engines put high ranks on web pages that have an original SEO post. This means that the keyword in the article is well used and spread, the information is appropriate, and not plagiarized.

3. Establishing a Query

Boolean-operatorsThis is a step that enables the researcher to do a much more advanced search. If the results that you have received during the first attempt do not satisfy you, you have the choice to do a more in-depth search for the topic. Many search engines are integrated with Boolean operators that makes you fill up information on what you want to focus on, omit, and include.

The most popular Boolean operators are AND, OR, NOT, FOLLOWED BY, and the use of quotation marks.

  • If you want to search for more than words, you need to include the word AND (or a +) between each word.
  • OR allows you to search at least one of the words you type in.
  • NOT gives you the option to omit a word.
  • FOLLOWED BY lets you make sure that one word entails another.
  • Quotations marks lets you search for a definite phrase.

These Boolean operators let you make sure that your specifications can be found in an original SEO post included in a SERP.